Educational offer

The educational offer of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology covers all three higher education cycles by the Bologna process: Undergraduate Studies / Master’s Studies / PhD Studies

The educational offer comprises the entire university cycle needed to complete a successful career. All the prerequisites are fully met: the ranking of study programs at the highest level (category A); student-centred education; collaborations with universities and prestigious companies in the country and abroad; fundamental and applicative research activities; high performing human and material resources.

Cycle 1 - Undergraduate studies (4 years, 240 ECTS credits)

    Domain     Major  

Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies

Applied Electronics (Romanian)   
Applied Electronics (English)  
Telecommunications Technologies and Systems (Romanian)
Telecommunications Technologies and Systems (English)  

Engineering and Management

Economic Engineering in the Electrical, Electronic and Energetic domain.





Distribution on majors

Students of the second year admitted to the "Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies" domain must choose from one of the two majors they want to study starting with the third year.

The curricula of these majors can be found here.

The distribution of the students to the two majors is based on the professional performance criteria for promotion in the 3rd year, and the options expressed by each student. Students who do not express their choice will be assigned automatically.

Cycle 2 - Master's studies (2 years, 120 ECTS credits)

    Domain     Major  

Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies

Integrated Circuits and Systems


Electronics Engineering


Image and Signal Processing (in French)


Communications Integrated Systems with Special Applications


Multimedia Technologies     


Technologies, Systems and Applications for E-Activities




The curricula for these majors can be found here

Cycle 3 - Doctoral studies (3 years)


Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies

      Doctoral studies program

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