Office for Relations with the Industry and Student Practice (ORIPS)

The Office for Relations with the Industry and Student Practice (ORPIS) has the main role in organising and developing collaborative relationships between the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology of UTCN and the companies in the industry.

ORIPS supports students' efforts to carry out their practical training set out in the Curriculum by developing relationships with companies in the industry, publishing a list of recommended companies; publishing offers received from the partners regarding the practice, examples of documentation and consultancy in general. The ORIPS activity is carried out under the leadership of at least three teaching professionals, appointed by the Council of the Faculty.


The regulation  updated in 2019 which specifies the terms and conditions for the students' practical work is available here


Note: ORIPS does not ensure individual placement of students for practical internships. Finding a place for practical training is the responsibility of each student, a challenge and preparation for finding a post-graduate job.



Who is in charge of the practical work? 


Where can students find additional info? 



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